Man has taken the first step to save the environment

The world has become a difficult place to live in. It has been made all the more difficult by the blatant abuse of nature and environment by one of the so called intelligent creatures in the world also referred to as Man. Maybe man has become selfish that he does not want his children to enjoy life as he used to do so when he was a child. Yes; this problem is a recent one which has been aggravated by man during the latter half of the twentieth century. This is the ea which coincides with the era of technological development. This is just a coincidence and technological development does not have anything to do with man’s inability or should we say insensitivity to find a solution to this problem. But now man has realised his folly on seeing and experiencing a spate of natural disasters (or indirectly man-made disasters).

He has started taking remedial measures now to correct the situation. Maybe it is better late than never. One such remedial measure is the use of alternative methods of energy such as solar and wind energy. Other is the reduction in the use of non-biodegradable materials like plastic and polyethylene. Instead of plastic man has started using biodegradable tableware such as plates and cups made from organic bamboo, palm leaves etc. Such items are available on the internet at many sites, one of which is On browsing through this site one can find a host of other biodegradable materials which can be used for making daily utensils and articles and do our part in safeguarding the environment. It discourages use of plastic as well as other non-biodegradable materials which can cause more harm than good. These are small but sure steps which could one day take him to his destination.