The Benefits of a Site Safety Manager

After a couple of my coworkers had suffered some semi-serious injuries while on the job, I decided to have a little meeting with my boss in order to discuss the possibility of hiring a site safety manager to oversee the job sites.  I explained to him that these people are experts not only when it comes to the government’s rules and regulations in regards to site safety, but they are also experts in other best practices that are not always written into the law.  Overall, I think that having this sort of person on our team would definitely help the company.

site safety manager

    After serious consideration, my boss decided to go ahead and hire someone to oversee the safety of the workers on the job site.  Not only did it give him more peace of mind in regards to the well being of his workers, but it also helped him to save some money, overall, on his disability insurance.  This is something that was greatly beneficial to the company as a whole.  Now, some of the guys on the job site do not necessarily like being told what to do constantly, but after they got used to the guy who came to work with us, they adapted and things seemed to run even more smoothly than they did before.

    My boss has expressed to me that he will forever be grateful for my suggesting to hire someone like this, and he even offered me a slight raise because of this suggestion, which was pretty cool.  If you work in the sort of field where danger is everywhere, this is the sort of thing that you or your company need to do in order to keep your workers safe.  Do not regret not doing something like this.