Keeping Employees Connected

One of the greatest time and money saving tools I have found since I opened up my own business was the use of company laptops and cellular telephones.  Being able to keep all of my employees on the same page as me is very important to my business.  I work in an incredibly fast-paced industry, and one simple miscommunication can end up costing a lot of money.

A lot of companies also like to install a spyapp on laptops and cell phones in order to make sure that their employees are not using them for personal reasons.  I never really had that concern, however, so I did not think it would be useful to install such an app.  After I did some research into these apps, though, I found that they could be useful for other reasons.

Since I have installed a spyapp on all of the company devices, I have not simply been able to monitor the usage of such devices, but I can also keep tabs on contacts and calendars.  In fact, I can even use it to be sure that everyone’s calendar is synced up so that we all know who will be handling what appointments at what time.

It is true that I can also be sure that my employees are not sending personal emails, but as I have already stated, I do not see that as a huge concern.  What is more important is ensuring that we are all in constant communication with each other so that we do not have a miscommunication that costs the company money.  This has also made my job a whole lot easier, as I never have to guess what appointments employees have and when, and I do not even have to call them to find out.